How the rental works

We are a German company that rents Unimog Camper in Namibia.
Our vehicles are in Uis, Namibia. The lease is closed and paid in Germany. The vehicles are highly off-road expedition vehicles. Unlike other 4×4 rentals, our vehicles are not restricted to tar and gravel roads.

(1)Travel Planing

Your wishes are our focus. We have the right local partners for that. You can personalize your trip (mountain tours, game drives, 4×4 routes etc …). Maybe after the Unimog adventure you might want to spend a few days in Cape Town or fly to the Victoria Falls.
We make it possible!

(2) Lease contract and travel documents

When the journey is complete, you will receive the rental contract and travel documents with all the important information and contact persons on site. After receipt of payment, we can start. The deposit is deposited in Germany.

(3) The start of your journey

We await you at WDH airport Namibia and bring you to your accommodation. The Unimog is fully stocked with camping gear, extensive tools and a fresh inspection for you. Sleep well then it goes to the driver training. Here you get to know your Unimog.

(4) Driver training

Unfortunately, we have already met many tourists in Africa with a breakdown whose landlord has only checked the VISA card. This is different for us.
From us you get the necessary tips and tricks for driving on the slopes.
The Unimog is a highly off-road vehicle. Terrain and vehicle make demands on the driver. Therefore, we train the use of the all-wheel drive, the differential locks, uphill and downhill driving and driving in sand and mud. Also a tire change on unpaved ground is one of them. Then they are fit for the safari!

(5) Safety on your trip

For insurance reasons, the vehicles are equipped with a tracking system. In the event of a breakdown we can react faster.
In addition, it is possible to rent a satellite phone and arrange an air rescue along the route.
You enjoy Unimog driving and we help when needed.

(6) Return the Unimog

You bring the Unimog fully refueled to the technical inspection and we quickly go through the equipment list from the departure. After the return, it will go home or to the next destination, as your itinerary plans.

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