Why Unimog ?

We are always on. Our lives are becoming a little bit more digital every day. The fascination of the Unimog is rather not based on this digitalization. However, the Unimog offers a classic driving experience from 1978. Compared to the comfort of a modern car, the Unimog is uncomfortable, too loud, too narrow in the cabin and has no air conditioning. But that is precisely what makes it so distinctive. We love it.
Unimogs are and remain one of the best vehicles to drive 4x4s. By their original purpose, they are nonetheless daunting and perhaps frightening for some, but a converted Unimog is no longer a tool of war. For us and many others, it is a mobile home with which they can experience the most beautiful adventures.

Unimog – an off road classic – the classic advertising film also fits

In 2018 we traveled in Africa for 10 months with the Unimog (model 435). We have come to appreciate the ability to maneuver off-road, maneuverability and space in the living cabin.

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